designing a therapeutic from your monoclonal antibody

DaTaMabs provides a milestone-free and royalty-free service. We design world class therapeutic humanised antibodies. DaTaMabs uses antibody engineering methods which are validated in over 200 clinical candidates and 18 regulatory-approved humanized antibodies. We have refined and improved the versatility of these methods in the light of our accumulated insight and observation.

DaTaMabs draws on over 40 man-years of antibody engineering know-how and experience in the genetic manipulation and recombinant expression of therapeutic antibody candidates. The founders of DaTaMabs, Tarran and David, have successfully humanized over 40 therapeutic antibody candidates in commercial collaborations with more than 20 biotech and pharma companies.  These projects have led to the development of more than 10 clinical candidates, most of which are still in clinical trials.

Four humanized antibodies, natalizumab, tocilizumab, pembrolizumab and vedolizumab, created by members of the DaTaMabs team, have achieved market approval. The first two are already established blockbuster drugs treating autoimmune diseases worldwide, whilst the latter were approved in 2014. Further details of antibodies, in the public domain and which Tarran or David have designed, are here.


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